Making sure the right people find you at the right time on Google

How does SEO work:

My Mantra

My Mantra is “93.4% of potential product purchase research is done online (anonymously). Nearly 2 of 3 buyers begin product research using a search engine. Buyers have little interest in sales calls unless and until they (the buyers) initiate the interaction.”

Be Found On Google

Google will only look up to you once you have gained everyone’s respect and there is no better way to get respect than through effective communication, useful information and high quality backlinks.

Be Recognized

If you write something fantastic that the world should know …Google doesn’t care. No one hears your tree falling. All SEO gives your tree is some volume. Optimizing a website used to involve “editing its content and HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines” – today you need to have a fast loading, socially connected, keyword optimized (H1′s, titles etc), mobile enabled page which has content that others find compelling. I like the phrase SEO-cial.

Website Audit

Website Obstacle Analysis:

  • Meta tags on all pages like Alt tags, Language tags, Canonical etc.
  • Which pages are not optimized, which need fixing etc. (duplicate title tags, or not optimized URL structure etc.)
  • Optimizing Page load time with image, javascript and CSS analysis
  • Analysis of Sitemap if present
  • Analysis of Robots.txt file if present

Website Content Analysis:

  • A full Keyword analysis of the existing site
  • A keyword ranking report (which keywords do they rank for and which are they on page two and three for Google)
  • Google+ Page for Business setup
  • A full analysis of all Title, H1, H2 and Description Tags on all pages.
  • Google and Bing Webmaster Tools setup
  • Analytics Dashboard setup for SEO tracking - including automatics emails and Alerts
  • Analysis of Social tagging like Facebook OGG tags and Twitter Cards setup
  • A full competitive analysis on three competitors sites (which keywords are they using most etc.)
  • Facebook Business Page setup
  • Account setup for posting to all Social networks from a single click, including tracking of direct messages and mentions on all social networks.
  • A full content analysis with recommendations on improving and optimizing existing content and creating and sharing new content.