Statistics on your wedsite and your visitors - what do you know?

At the very least you should know these six things:

  • How many visits did your site get this month and how does it compare to last month (or last year). Of those visitors how many are returning visitors and how many are first time visitors (if you have a blog - you should be seeing a larger returning number).
  • How many pages did your visitors visit? -Is that number going up or down (if you made a change to your site - did it affect this number). If the number is low - what page are most people leaving on? What happens when you change the information or links on that page?
  • What is the top three top landing pages (how people enter your site) - If 90% of visitors are going to your photo-gallery when is the last time you added images to your gallery.
  • Where are visitors coming from? You can separate them into - Search (Google, etc), Referral (Visitor clicked a link to your site), Direct (user typed in your web address), and Campaign (Paid Advertisements).
  • Which search terms are getting you visitors? If you are using web advertising or have link exchanges (which are working). If you have a Facebook page - how many visitors are coming from there and should you add more information to that page. Where do your visitors live? What county, town and city are visitors coming from?
  • How are visitors viewing your pages? If more and more people are using a Mobile devise (do you have a mobile site? At the very least how does your site look on a mobile device?). If you have Flash on your site - what percentage of visitors don't have Flash installed (iPad or iPhone)

  • What else can you find out?

    With Google Analytics can now generate 100's of different reports ... here are just a few:

  • Context - What are people doing this month compared to last month, what season is the most popular for certain products, compare when you change the "call to action" locations, etc.
  • How can my Website convert more visitors into customers?
  • Which marketing initiatives are most effective?
  • What are accurate traffic patterns/trends on my websites? Which buttons are the most clicked on your site, which never get clicked?
  • Show which product or service is getting the most visitors (is this seasonal and how can that effect your advertising because it should).
  • Which customer and customer segments are most valuable?
  • Evaluate print and other traditional media (or even QR codes). When you give a newspaper your link in an Ad you can add some tags to the end of the link and tell exactly how many people came from that add or QR code etc.
  • Site search - if you have a search button on your site - you can track what people are looking for (if you don't have that on your site - add it)
  • What else can you find out?

    On-line Advertising - (display advertising, pay-per-click networks, e-mail marketing)-Analytics you can tell:

  • The performances of your marketing campaigns, including AdWords, AdSense and emails and much, much more
  • Which keywords resonate with prospects and lead to conversions?
  • Which online ad or creative is the most effective? Which ads are driving the most visitors to your site
  • Are website visitors coming from advertising doing what you want them to do (purchase a product, filling in a form, register for a PDF, etc.)
  • Tell you not only which AdWords campaigns are driving traffic to your site but which campaigns are yielding conversions (and making you money)!