Don't lose Customers - Get New Ones

When your prospective customer opens your web site in a mobile browser and it is slow to download, out of order, is 25 times larger than the screen allows - they will not bother to look at your page. You had a customer in the palm of your hand but you let them go before they even saw your product or service. These days nearly everyone owns a mobile phone and when brand perception and brand liking means so much - not having a mobile site will be a problem.

Having a mobile site not only creates a fantastic experience for customers but it is also a very convenient way that people now shop products and services, you will significantly increase your overall audience loyalty by being available wherever and whenever they want to access your site. A mobile site makes you more accessible to your target audience resulting in what marketers call "lift".

One thing you can be sure of - going mobile is the biggest internet trend right now - if you do not go Mobile you competitors will. Do you want to give your competitor the upper hand?

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Get New Customers

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Don't be left behind. Some other stats to consider:

  • 75% of the world's population now have a mobile phone - 87% in the U.S.
  • 55% of US consumers who purchased a new phone in 2011 bought a smartphone
  • Daily internet usage via handheld devices jumped from 29% in 2009 to 43% in 2010
  • Last year's mobile data traffic was three times the size of the entire global Internet in 2000

They Have Already Found You - Don't Loose Them

If you take pride in yourself, your product or your service - if you pride yourself on great customer service - why not give them a great web experience on the go. When done the right way, instead of frustrating your customers - why not impress them? Let your customers know that your business is cutting edge and that you are staying on top of technology.

When your customers click on a link to your website from a mobile e-mail client, will it be visible, accessible, and optimized?

If you have your customer's attention in their inbox, catch them in the moment and allow them to tap your links in their inbox and immediately see your mobile-optimized website.

How Many New Customers Are Out There?

  • More Androids are activated every day than babies are born according to the daily mail. Google activating 700 000 in December 2011, Apple sold 37 million iPhone's in the last three months of 2011
  • In the last year Google has seen a 400% increase in the number of mobile searches
  • Over 250 million people access Facebook via their mobile phone
  • 55% access Twitter via mobile
  • The #1 access method for local information is now the mobile browser
  • There are more than 100 million people using the web on their phones (IDC reports that The worldwide smartphone market grew 54.7% year over year in the fourth quarter of 2011)
  • Annual wireless data traffic grew 123% in 2011.
  • Smartphones are now outselling PCs.
  • 6.8 percent of all Web traffic occurred from mobile devices. ( according to
  • Yes—more mobile phones means more mobile phone users. A Quantcast study showed that mobile web use more than doubled In 2010 (110% annual growth).
  • There will be 5.8 billion mobile subscribers worldwide by 2013 (Portio Research). No other media channel offers anything like this reach.
  • In 2010 43 million people check e-mail daily via mobile phone
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